The following tables represent my personal record of L119A2 parts and accessories. Please see the notes section at the end in order to best interpret this information.


  • The Standard Item column contains those items which I perceive as the default
  • The Optional Item 1 column contains those items which I perceive as elective
  • The Standard and Optional Item 1 columns contain those items which I have positively identified (with greater than 90% certainty) in my reference images; often cross referenced with other documentary evidence and affidavits. To me they are therefore the most solidly legit
  • An Optional Item 2 column is also included in the tables. The items contained in it have been identified in my images with a certainty greater than 75%, but less than or equal to 90% and/or by affidavits. My assessment is that these items will eventually be backed up with greater than 90% certainty. Other items are rumoured but as yet do not meet my threshold for inclusion


  • This article covers the 10″ Partial RIS IUR L119A2 which is familiar to most UKSF enthusiasts
  • It does not extend to 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment’s FDE DuraCoat L119A2, or the Full RIS IUR version of the L119A2 used by other personnel
  • Differences between the Partial and Full RIS L119A2 IUR can be determined in my L119A2 Overview.

Further Information

  • This is a living document which will adapt to new information
  • It will be updated without notice
  • The tables are not a tally of sighting frequency, nor do they record the cultural weight/impact of any item in the UKSF clone or impression scenes
  • That said, as a general rule ‘Standard Items’ are the most ubiquitous – often complying with the default, issued state
  • This article about blaster build doctrines may be of help to L119A2 builders in conjunction with these tables

Special thanks to @theotherguy1999 and @snrcomms for sense-checking this article prior to publication

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