It’s great when the UKSF impression community pulls together (see shoutout at the end of this article) and decodes reference pics in a a collegiate way. That happened last night and today with the slew of pics coming out of Nairobi, Kenya – and the analysis went down pretty much live.

A quick breakdown of the L119A2 featured in those pics follows.

Surprising pretty much everyone, the build features what is assessed to be a Sig Romeo 4T optic in FDE and Surefire RM45L light mount in tan. Two things we certainly didn’t know about last week.

Also of interest is that the fire selector markings were masked when the paint job was done.

Shoutouts are due to the following for their relentless sleuthing. Reptile House readers should be following all these guys for on point content, but if not give them a follow:









And last but not least…


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