Just to note that in September 2020, Obi Wan Nairobi went public on Instagram as Christian Craighead.

The identity of Obi Wan Nairobi’s L119A2 sling has never really been in doubt, because it’s a highly distinctive one: the Frank Proctor designed Way of the Gun Sling (WOTG).

As far as I know, it’s never been seen in L119A2 pics before or since. Similarly, it isn’t known to be a sling commonly used by UKSF.

Indeed, until the Nairobi pics emerged in January 2019 I knew very little about it.

At the end of this article I’ve included the company’s description of the sling and also linked a video of Frank Proctor himself giving advice about it – which is well worth a watch.

That said, in this article what I’m most interested in is demonstrating how the sling was originally identified, now I have one in hand.

I think the biggest giveaway was the way the WOTG sling attaches to Obi Wan’s L119A2.

Note the plastic hardware and 550 cord loops:

To my knowledge, this is the only sling to use such hardware – and not just in Proctor’s range – so the following features merely amplify the positive ID:

Now, in terms of how to secure the paracord loops there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Its best to check out this video (click link if it doesn’t render below):

There’s also a visual representation from TacBelts UK.

Note that this version of the WOTG sling has been discontinued, in favour of one with revised attachment hardwear.

However, TacBelts will make the old style hardware if you get in touch.

In Part 2 I’ll review the sling.

Until then, here’s Proctor’s product description:

The Proctor two-point adjustable gun sling was designed to meet operational needs efficiently with minimal bulk and without the need for attaching hardware.

The Proctor Sling comes with everything needed to attach it to a wide variety of guns. The Proctor Sling attaches to the rifle using the supplied 550 cord loops. It can also be attached using any sling loop or Q.D. mount. However it is recommended to use the supplied 550 cord loops as they allow the sling to be mounted with minimal bulk and excess weight. The front 550 cord attaching loop cinches around the rifle forearm with no bulk or pivot points added to the rifle. This is critical when shooting the rifle from the side gun position from behind cover that you may be using for stability.

The Proctor Sling is fully adjustable and excess webbing stores on itself, so there is no need to tape up excess webbing. The Proctor Sling has proven to be effective, durable and strong. Available in Black, Marpat Brown and Multi-Cam.

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