Words & Pics: Rich Norman

Additional Pic Credit: ThruDark

1. Introduction

A few weeks back, I was chatting to Matt (@theotherguy1999) about the Magpul MS3 Gen 2.

I’d heard it mentioned as part of the L119A2’s ecosystem, but I’d never seen it attached to an A2 in reference pics.

Until, that is, Matt pointed out something which I’d missed completely.

From a video posted by the high end apparel brand ThruDark, he took a still which appears to show a Magpul Paraclip attached to what many assess to be an SBS L119A2.

The sling nylon itself looks to fill the Paraclip’s void, much like the 1.25″ webbing of the Magpul sling line:

If you can track down the video on ThruDark’s social media, it’s well worth a watch.

The MS3 also featured in this modern L119A1 build – allegedly in SFSG use – which I wrote about here.

2. Background

I’m using the Magpul MS3 Gen 2 right now and I’m really liking it.

Bear in mind that I’ve never used the Gen 1 version, so I don’t know how it compares. However, knowing Magpul, they wouldn’t go to a version 2.0 without significant changes.

For years I used the incredibly popular, best selling VTAC 2-Point Adjustable Padded Sling; briefly flirting with the Blue Force Gear VCAS.

Both are excellent slings.

Nevertheless, the MS3 Gen 2 has stolen the VTAC’s mantle. That’s thanks to the ingenious slider and lack of pull tabs and other widgets, which are needed to pull or push the adjustment of the VTAC and VCAS.

3. Review

The basis of the MS3 Gen 2 is a two point adjustable sling called the MS1 (more on Magpul’s naming conventions later).

Here’s the rather handsome, minimalist slider which makes the adjustments:

It’s neat and fully compartmentalised.

However, the sling is also two point-to-one point transitional. That’s so easy when using Magpul’s oversized Paraclips:

These work like heavy duty, lockable crocodile clips and are a breeze to use with gloves. They are at their very best when matched with Magpul’s RSA and ASAP sling points.

Prior to using the sling I was concerned by the sheer size of the Paraclips. Aside from their utility, I didn’t notice them in use – and that’s a good thing. I also didn’t need to adapt my muscle memory very much when using the MS3. If anything, things were easier than using the VTAC or VCAS.

Two point configuration:

One point configuration:

Much of the hardware is composed of Magpul’s Zytel-like nylon which is both light and super tough; although the Paraclips are partially steel. Anyone who’s familiar with Skyway Tuff 2s from the classic BMX days will know the kind of nylon I mean.

The webbing used is 1.25″ wide as stated earlier, and there’s easily enough of it to size the sling how you like. It’s sturdy stuff but not overly stiff on first use.

4. Further Information

As an aside, Magpul’s nomenclature is somewhat confusing but I’ll do my best to explain it with regards to the MS3.

Both the basic two point sling AND its ingenuous ‘no snag hazard’ slider are called MS1 (that’s why my MS3 has an MS1 tag on it).

An MS1 sling becomes an MS3 sling when optional parts are added: a Paraclip at one end and an MS1 MS3 Adapter at the other (which also includes a Paraclip).

Of course, you can just buy an MS3 full assembled, like I did.

There’s also a really gucci padded version of the MS1 (the basis of the MS3) which features a totally different take on the padded part. It’s unlike any other padded sling on the market.