Since the first instalment in this series, I’ve not really been on the lookout for the Magpul ACS stock in UKSF L119A2 pics.

Here’s a recap of the two main pics from that instalment:

Recently, however, I have been on the lookout for pictorial evidence of the L119A2 equipped with the Magpul STR.

The STR is, of course, known to be part of the L119A2 ecosystem and it has also been seen (in black) on the modern UKSF L119A1.

These pics of training rifles from Poole were a Maple Leaf Tactical scoop, last year:

It’s amazing how reference pics which you think you know – which you were sure you analysed in minute detail – end up offering up more intel when you go back to them for the 100th time.

The first up for consideration is from Manchester, during Exercise Winchester Accord in May 2016. The second is from Newcastle, during a CT operation in December 2019.

1. Winchester Accord

Zooming in on the above pic, I found this:

I wasn’t sure whether it was an STR (what I was actually looking for) or an ACS.

Magpul STR
Magpul ACS

I don’t think a 100% assessment can be made from this pic, but I sent it around to some of the usual suspects who I trust with such matters (they are listed in the acknowledgements at the end of the article).

The consensus seems to be its most likely an ACS. I’m persuaded by that, due to the length of the stock depicted. The ACS is 20cm long – significantly longer than the STR (which is a more compact CTR-length).

You can easily make out the distinctive Magpul butt pad in the pic.

The width is way wider than a CTR or an ACS-L. The squared toe at the base of the butt is also obvious. So for me, the length clinches it: ACS.

However, we’ll never know for sure unless a better pic emerges. I’m giving it 60-75% probability.

2. Newcastle

The second ACS ID – from the Newcastle pic – was made by @tk8456_snr when we were discussing the Winchester Accord pic. Enthused by what I’d found, he decided to check other pics.

This one is by far a more positive ID, but the authentication process was similar to the Winchester Accord one in that the same individuals were consulted for peer review.

So, ACS or ACS-L?

On balance, ACS – due to the width.

Probability? I’m giving this one 90-99%.

Amusingly, after all that analysis, I found that the ACS had been identified in December 2018 – by @foxtrot63bravo 🙂


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