It’s no great secret that WML-type lights are in use on UKSF L119A2s.

In fact, a pic of what is assessed to be one in use on an SBS L119A2 was recently publicised:

It cropped up on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of The Misfit Society.

The other interesting thing is that the pic also seems to exhibit what looks like a suppressor cover.

Multiple sources corroborate the use of Manta Suppressor Covers on SBS L119A2s.

Although we cannot see the distinctive ribs, it could be because of the angle the gun is being held at.

Alas, inconclusive.

What is conclusive is that WML-type lights are out there; but which variant(s)?

In one non-public reference pic, the WML-type light depicted is much easier to identify. It quite obviously does not exhibit HSP branding. It is also, categorically, not the 4.1″ WML.

It appears, instead, to be a black Inforce WMLx Gen 2 – in either white light or white and IR light.

Inforce WMLx Gen 2

That doesn’t mean to say FDE isn’t out there. Likewise, variants aside from the WMLx models may be in use. As with so much in the area of research, it pays to keep an open mind (see my most recent article on confirmation bias).

For L119A2 builders, the WMLx models present useful options. Firstly, they tend to be cheaper and more accessible in the UK than equivalent Surefire Scout Lights.

Furthermore, the WML-type form factor is unique. It features an integrated picatinny mounting system and a sloping, ergonomic tail switch – albeit with no remote option. The switch can be locked out, however, thus preventing neglect discharge of the light.

In terms of function, the WMLx offers the choice of constant, momentary and strobe light modes (except the HSP branded model, which is momentary only).

Check them out at Tactical Kit

Here’s L119 Owners Group guru Andy J’s front end implementation, exhibiting smart ergonomics and excellent picatinny space utilisation.

Andy’s compact WML model is mounted on the left side, which – on the near side of the shooter’s body – is less of a snag hazard. Note also the cut down LA5 pressure pad.

Tying together this light and aiming cluster is an AFG2.

Thanks to The Misfit Society for posting the reference pic.

Thanks also to the following, in the discussion of the pic’s value and content:

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