An interesting public video has emerged, showing what – largely – appears to be members of the UKSF’s Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), training with Egyptian elite forces.

Thanks to @theotherguy1999 for the link and subsequent discussion.

Email followers can click through to see the training video on YouTube.

Readers may recognise the various backgrounds from pics (which are actually video stills) that were circulating earlier on Sunday.

For me, the most compelling thing about the video is that the 10″ Colt Canada L119A2 is in use.

Obviously this raises a number questions and it has been suggested subsequently that the L119A2 may have commenced roll-out to SFSG. That said, there are also L119A1s in the video, so the situation is not at all clear.

At this stage, I don’t think any conclusions can be drawn one way or the other.

However, note that in the image below the L119A2 looks relatively new. Also, the upper does not appear to be marked with the usual serial. In fact, the relevant area looks to be completely blank.

Vario Ray?

Of great interest in the same image is what could be a variant of Rheinmetall’s Vario-Ray Low Profile (VR-LP), or a similar device:

It’s not obvious from the pic. However, it has been rumoured for some time that the LA5 is being phased out in favour of a more sophisticated device.

Trial MLOK Upper Receiver?

Going out on a limb here, but not so far that others I trust disagree with me.

The following images taken from the video are curious because I think they depict an MLOK upper:

The upper does not appear to exhibit the L119A2 IUR’s grenade lug nor its forward Picatinny segments.

Not only that but it seems to show MLOK slots; with the light stuck out at a jaunty 45 degree angle.

Something similar to this Colt Canada MRR upper, perhaps?

I’m unsure of the length right now, but hopefully future pics will resolve this question.

Also check out the mag well, which looks rather wide. My money is on it being a mag funnel – perhaps like the Lancer type which has been seen in SFSG A1 pics?

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