Words: Rich Norman

Aside from the GG&G AR15 Vertical Grip, another retro eBay bargain which L119A2 builders have been indulging in, is the GG&G Accucam QD Aimpoint T1 Mount with Integral Lens Covers.

I think I’m right in saying this particular mount has been discontinued by GG&G, since it no longer appears on their website.

It’s not a new design. As can be seen from its cantilever format, it’s from an age before continuous top rails were common. Back then, it was a way of squeezing an optic, magnifier and rear BUIS on to a flat top upper receiver.

Given that the L119A2 has a monolithic top rail – an improvement over continuous ones, as there’s no join between hand guard and upper receiver – use of the GG&G is more likely an overhang from the L119A1 era.

Age notwithstanding, it’s a great absolute co-witness mount with a decent QD system; and – something the T1 really does benefit from – Butler Creek flip-up lens covers.

The front cover is a tight push-fit and it’s possible to sandwich some lens protection between it and the T1’s subjective lens, if required.

In case you’re wondering, the individual in the centre of the UKSF pic is King Abdullah II of Jordan.

King Abdullah is an interesting guy. His mother is British and he was Educated in the UK and USA. He attended Sandhurst and served in the UK Armed Forces.

In other words, UKSF don’t turn out like this for just any head of state.

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