Words: Rich Norman

Following on from my full-RIS “Alternative” IUR L119A2 pic breakdown, here’s the partial-RIS version. The latter is the model most people are familiar with.

But it’s all obvious stuff, right? So why bother?

Well, the pistol grip type has caused confusion for some, me included. It’s an Ergo, but the differences between models are more nuanced than those exhibited by other brands. In this instance, grubbing around with a series of imperfect, 2D pics really isn’t the best way to decide the matter. At one point I even thought of buying the two candidate Ergo models narrowed down, to better inform my judgement.

Maybe I still need to do that.

As often happens in research situations, I started out hypothesising one thing and have ended up adopting the alternative narrative. After starting out thinking it’s an Ergo 2 I now think it’s an Original Ergo grip SKU: 4011-(B)-DE – just without the usual base cap.


A recent conversion with Jay Taranis is what challenged my assumptions. Jay revealed he was giving more and more weight to the Original Ergo narrative. Since then I’ve spent time attempting to look beyond my Ergo 2 confirmation bias.

It wasn’t until I found pics of the Original Ergo sans base cap on Nordic Marksman’s website that it clicked. I also had a great conversation recently with theotherguy1999 who made some excellent points which I hadn’t thought of. Again, he backs the Original Ergo narrative. He also has the advantage of owning an Ergo 2.

There are a raft of small differences between the grips but notice that the Ergo 2 has a straight base:

That for me is the decisive detail, because the grip in the pic I am breaking down has a curved base.

Here’s a visual comparison:

That’s not to dismiss the Ergo 2 entirely.

It could very well be that both grips are in use. But for me, the pic in question shows an Original Ergo grip.

And so – finally – here’s my breakdown:

Visual breakdown:

I have to say that aside from the upper receiver itself, my favourite component is the Colt Canada ambi mag release.

Marked with Colt Canada’s CAGE code and the Canadian Forces’ “1.”, the reality is sublime.

You can read more about original, made in Canada, Colt Canada parts in my article here.

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