@btl_ltw broke some awesome L119A2 pics on IG today – helluva scoop!

I was alerted to them by @jay_taranis and have been discussing them with some of the usual UKSF impression scene suspects. See end credits.

The location depicted is said by those in the know to be Price Barracks in Belize (thanks Edward T and Sean L).

The soldier shown is not thought to be UKSF, but a member of the Royal Gurkha Rifles – a regiment in the British Army.

L119A2 Parts Breakdown

An assessment of the L119A2 – in terms of its component parts – is listed below.

The list will almost certainly evolve as more intel is revealed. Higher rez pics (or new eyes) will either change or confirm these current best guesses; therefore the list should not be seen as definitive. Equally, some best guesses are more certain than others:

Note the interesting green and brown paint job and the tally clicker – used as a pace counter – on the right side of the magwell. The tally clicker – often seen at nightclub doors – is used here as a micro-navigation device, widely adopted in the British Army for jungle ops.

We last saw a tally clicker/pace counter in Taranis Blog’s excellent 2018 Welcome to the Jungle

Also note the black Magpul CTR stock. It’s normal to see the FDE CTR on the L119A2, as that’s what it’s issued with.

The optic mount choice is also curious, because the GG&G model depicted is optimised for the Aimpoint Micro T1.

But is the optic a T2, or is it a T1 with a Tango Down IO-Cover? I’m 50/50 on that and it could even be a third, unknown optic. In order for a T2 to fit the GG&G mount, the rear lens cap assembly would have to be removed. The front lens cap assembly – if it is a T2 – is also missing.

Lastly, the charging handle is interesting. Originally I thought it exhibited a replacement latch, along the lines of this one by Badger Ordnance:

It’s not uncommon for the standard Colt Canada ambi unit to be cut down or, apparently, replaced with something less likely to snag.

I now think it’s more likely that the entire charging handle has been replaced after seeing the pic below (thanks Mike L).


Both charging handles are Colt Canada, with the one on the right being usual for the L119A2. The item on the left is something that Colt Canada has bundled with previous IURs, such as this CANSOF one:


There are more pics of this rifle in this blog from 2016.


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