Those familiar with the Crye Precision AVS plate carrier will know that it won’t accept SwiftClip pattern placards without additional hardware, purchased separately.

Crye’s own solution to the problem seems like something of an afterthought (believe me, I’ve tried it), and is only available as part of their AVS Customisation Kit.

Enter AXL (pronounced “axle”).

AXL makes top tier enhancements and ‘missing link’ hardware for Crye, First Spear and Spiritus Systems’ nylon. I first heard of the company through the guys at Tactical Kit.

They were in the process of supplying a raft of AXL products to a CT element here in the U.K. (some guys at the sharp end clearly know their gucci gear). Retail stock for civilian customers followed that, arriving only recently.

I have to say that the first thing I noticed about the AXL products I have for review from Tactical Kit is the sheer quality – and I’ll touch on that later.

The first AXL product I’ll be looking at is the Adaptive Vest Placard (AVP) for Crye AVS.


The most obvious component here is the ‘carbon fibre’ skeleton – composed, in fact, of a very curious plastic composite material. I asked AXL about it, as I wasn’t sure what to call it:

There is a long scientific name, but everyone just calls it “carbon fiber-like material.” It’s a Thermoplastic Composite. It has about 70% of the strength of carbon fiber composite. And we can sew into it; same material Crye uses in their products. They are the ones that told us what to use.

This stuff feels tough and lends flexible structure, connecting the whole and adding a degree of load bearing rigidity. It carries weight well and avoids sagging.

All those angular plastic tabs are there for a reason, as they are what locks the product into the AVS bib’s PALS webbing.

Flanking each QASM clip we have One-Wrap style cable routing.

The QASMs themselves are height adjustable.


There’s no better installation guide than AXL’s own video:

If the video doesn’t appear above, you can view it on YouTube

It’s comprehensive, including instructions which include:

  • Approx. 02:10 – how to piggyback Kagwerks and Juggernaut hardware
  • Approx. 04:25 – QASM buckle adjustment for placard height
  • Approx. 05:55 – use with G-hook items (e.g. Ferro placards)
  • Approx. 07:45 – mounting a PTT

Follow these instructions and it’s a clean install. The item not only fits seamlessly but it’s rock solid, too.

I added my recently reviewed Crye AirLite Convertible Chest Rig, which again fits solidly and feels like part of the AVS – despite its heavy duty format.

Just to note: when fitting the Crye rig as a placard, the user must attach to the rear the Velcro adapters which Crye includes in the bundle.


The quality of both AXL items I have for review is stunning. Even the stitching through the plastic composite is neat, straight and regular.

Post Script

Something I didn’t know about AXL, which I found out after publishing this article, is their level of customer care:

We offer personal setups to all our customers. They can call 9am to 7pm Central (USA) time and we’ll do a FaceTime or video call to do a walk through. And we schedule after hours as well, to help deployed and customers outside the US.

That’s awesome.

For an awesome look at the First Spear version of this item, check out The Full 9

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