Words and Pics: Rich Norman


Manta is correct.

Once you touch one of their rail guards, you’re in love – as the many people rocking their original wire-routing models will attest.

But how about the newer Very Low Profile ones, which don’t accept wires?

I wasn’t previously aware of this model but while doing some research for a mil build, I was sent some information which suggested that this specific rail guard could be in use. Squaring it on that basis, I ordered a set.

I have to say I’m impressed.

The first thing you notice definitely is how tactile these covers are – even through gloves. They make weapon handling more controlled. They are grippy – but not in a sticky rubber way (if you’ve ever owned approach shoes with that kind of sole).

Aside from the material itself, the other source of control is the aggressive grip pattern which mimics picatinny:

I would say these covers are only very low profile relative to Manta’s wire routing covers, however. Next to something like Magpul’s Ladder Covers they are bulkier.

As the name suggests the covers are 6″ long, and there are three in a pack. You can cut the covers to length.

Rather than sliding on to the rail, the covers latch over it.

On the underside, the areas where the covers can be cut are clearly indicated and the areas which cannot be cut are occupied by metal clips. These can be bent inwards to apply more tension on the rail, if required.

To keep the covers indexed, the undersides also feature tabs which fill picatinny slots.

These covers are comfortable, allow the user to exert additional control and they stay put.

They are also just that little bit distinctive.