Words: Rich Norman

Pic: @btl_ltw

A fantastic pic was posted today on @btl_ltw’s IG, depicting a SIG MCX LVAW (Low-Visibility Assault Weapon) or “Black Mamba“, nestled with an L119A2.

It’s been known for some time that LVAWs have seen use with both CAG and UKSF, but I’ve no idea what the UKSF designation for the LVAW is – so that name will have to do for now.

The interesting thing about the LVAW – aside from its sound profile – is that like other MCX variants it chambers both 556 NATO and 300 AAC Black Out rounds (or 300 BLK).

That’s significant because 300 BLK delivers similar properties (e.g. stopping power) to a Soviet 7.62×39 cartridge but in 7.62×35 and – crucially – uses AR15 type magazines at their normal capacity.

USSOCOM’s requisition for 300 BLK dates back to March 2017.

In July 2017 the UK MOD issued a five year tender for the supply of 300 BLK. However, the document stated that the ammunition was already in use – possibly predating SOCOM’s use:

The Authority has a potential requirement to procure 7 62mm x 35 Ammunition. The ammunition will replace the 7 62mm x 35 ammunition currently in service and will undertake safety testing.

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