When I published an article last week about progress with my L119A2 build, one of the most common questions raised was, “What’s the S&S Sling Clip thing?”

I got hold of one not only because it’s legit, but because it was a bargain. Being an “old gen” item, it had been discontinued by S&S Precision and was therefore going cheap on eBay.

The thing that tipped me off to its existence within the L119A2 ecosystem was a simple line diagram; sent to me last year by a trusted contact.

From that diagram, I was able to infer a connection to the S&S product:

Now I had a hypothesis, I started to look for evidence.

I found it absolutely baffling when I was able to confirm that the Sling Clip was indeed in use with UKSF. Prior to that, I thought it was just a random accessory in a technical publication.

Unlike the L119A2’s other accessories, the Sling Clip isn’t as well known and doesn’t appear to be very useful at first glance. Not only that, but because the L119A2 is relatively free of Picatinny at 3 and 9 O’clock, there’s not a whole lot of mounting option choice; the Sling Clip being wholly reliant on the Picatinny system to secure it.

Its utility, however, is explained in the video below:

Using a 1″ wide one-point sling like S&S Precision’s Adjustable Low Profile Sling, the Sling Clip can be used to transition from one to two-point configuration.

Now, the reverse of the Sling Clip features two bolts. Those two bolts obviously require two Picatinny notches with which to dovetail. Therefore, I assumed the accessory could only be used on one of the L119A2’s forward Picatinny segments (3 and 9 O’clock), not an aft segment.

The aft segments exhibit only one Picatinny notch each, as can be seen in the pic below:

So this is where another of my trusted contacts came into play.

Invoking a mysterious third party expert sounds really lazy or convenient – but again, affidavits are key. I was told by that someone in the know that the Sling Clip is usually located – paradoxically – on an aft Picatinny segment.


It took what seemed like an age for the penny to drop: in the wild, the real guys use only one of the Sling Clip’s bolts, not two. One bolt only needs one Picatinny notch.

The Sling Clip secured in this way is still completely solid.

With all that said, the Sling Clip can be secured and used in more than one location. UKSF impression scene godfather @perr_mike simply used the L119A2’s 12 O’clock rail to secure his:

Will I use my Sling Clip? I don’t know. But I now consider it a cool little item to have in the toolkit.

Plus, it’s tanodized.

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