Pics: Newcastle Chronicle

Just a bit of signposting to a new photoset that’s been published by the Newcastle Chronicle, regarding some of today’s troubling events.

Some choice new L119A2 accessories can be seen, including what looks like a Colt Canada front BUIS mounted backwards (with the Magpul MBUS Pro as an alternative explanation) and an Aimpoint Micro T2 – presumably on a bundled Aimpoint LRP Mount and not a GG&G one; which may come as a great relief to some, since the latter is getting hard to find for a decent price.

So there are a number of firsts there, quite aside from the gear – which is currently being pored over on Facebook by members of the UKSF-impression scene:

UKSF Impression/Reference Group

UKSF Airsoft Impressions


Interestingly, both A2s seem to exhibit Colt Canada ambi-charging handles with the extended latch cut down – something like this:

Both A2s feature Aimpoint Micro T2 optics.

One of the A2s is fitted with a Magpul CTR stock, but the other has a Magpul ACS stock – which has been seen before.

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