An excellent in the wild pic of a UKSF L119A2 was posted on the L119 Owners Club on Facebook, today, by JB; a well respected aficionado.

 photo 11f014b9-3fc1-45c9-8eb2-1e42c0946981_zpsusfimk87.jpg

Check out Colt Canada’s website.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.20.53_zpscrvrq2z7.png

So what can we interpret from this information?

 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.21.17_zpsimx3pb6t.png

Well, it’s a one-piece upper, meaning that the rail and upper receiver are conjoined. JB refers to it as the IUR – which means Integrated Upper Receiver.

That’s interesting in itself, given that LMT – which owns the patent on monolithic uppers – successfully prevented Mega Arms from marketing their own one-piece upper.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 16.29.43

Could be the patent only affects the US, or maybe Colt Canada (and thus Colt) is way too big to challenge.

The L119A2’s pistol grip looks very much like an Ergo grip – which, incidentally, I’ve heard is a bitch to convert for PTW.

I can’t identify the brand of flip-up BUIS. The front looks HK style, but the overall shape of the sights isn’t one I can verify just yet. Could be proprietary Colt Canada products, but judging by the grip, stock, receiver end plate and flash hider they are not averse to buying from third parties at the top of their respective games.

The stock is, obviously, a Magpul CTR, in FDE.

Looks like the usual UKSF Surefire flash hider.

The receiver end plate is very likely a Magpul ASAP.

These parts all make sense, because they are viewed as common to the modern A1 in the wild.

What I like most about this new iteration of UKSF blaster is the slick front end. OK, it’s a one-piece upper but it reminds me of the KAC URX 3.1.

DEVGRU uses the Remington RAHG, CAG uses the Geissele HK SMR. It’s not surprising that UKSF have ditched the venerable KAC RAS and are also using a tube.

It’s the way forward.