Words: Rich Norman

Not one I was familiar with until recently, but here’s a pic of UKSF guys attending the troubling event at London Bridge in 2017.

If you look closely you can see what looks like an Aimpoint T1. That’s not surprising – UKSF have been depicted using the optic previously.

Slightly more interesting is the vertical foregrip.

The profile isn’t right for a KAC grip:

Initially I thought it was an H&K grip, but that seemed a bit out there.

Then I remembered a UK spec KAC RAS which was bundled with an equally well used GG&G AR15 Vertical Grip.

I looked back and sure enough the profile of the GG&G was a good fit with the grip in the UKSF reference pic.

And the good news is it’s commercially available in the UK.

They also crop up on ebay.co.uk – used – for bargain prices. So worth checking regularly.

The really interesting part is that a conversation about this with Jay of Taranis Blog led him to discover a confirming pic.

Not only that, but the confirming pic shows an L119A2 with a few other interesting building options.

Check out Jay’s post here.

As part of the blog’s five year anniversary, Jay has written about his top five Reptile House blogs here.

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