Yesterday, an interesting photo appeared on Jay Morton’s IG. It depicts what is assessed to be an L119A2 fitted with a magwell grip, on top of which a pressure pad is placed – diagonally.

Another version of the photo was posted on Facebook by PM – who is usually first to find these gems. The shape of the magwell grip is a little clearer here. It doesn’t seem to be the usual FAB Defense MWG, but it’s hard to ID it 100%.

The interesting thing is that in the earlier Jay Morton pic below, the very same magwell (and pressure pad) config is present. So it appears to have been transferred when the switch from L119A1 to L119A2 happened.

I think the magwell grip in question is something along the lines of this one, by STRAC:

Widely available airsoft clone of the discontinued STRAC Grip

For me, the exact type of magwell grip isn’t too important. What is important is the statistically significant frequency that magwell grips/funnels appear in modern UKSF pics.

The usual items seen are the aforementioned FAB Defense MWG – seen here during Exercise Winchester Accord:

And the Lancer Adaptive Magwell – seen here on a modern SFSG L119A1.

Thanks as usual to @TheOtherGuy1999 for peer review.

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