SORT is an exciting new polisim team hailing from Norway, which includes some faces (albeit persec’d) which regular readers should already know.


Joe, Henki and Rek spoke to the blog about the team…

How did SORT form?

Joe: The idea for the group has been around for well over 18 months. One of our guys – Rek – works in the film/TV industry, and has put together some counter terror police kits to rent out to productions. This caught my eye when I was at Rek’s place to pick up some FSK gear, and I started to look into Norwegian CT police BEREDSKAPSTROPPEN DELTA kits.


Given that they often train with FSK I’ve seen them before, but haven’t paid too much attention to them. Turns out they rock some pretty gucci gear! They share some contracts with our Defence Forces. For instance, they are issued the same Diemaco C8 SFW/CQB as our special forces. OpsCores, FirstSpear AACs (albeit in Manatee Grey) and Aimpoints are other bits that we see on both our military SF and CT police.


So when we were in Sweden last year, working as US undercover forces during Airsoft Adventures NARCOS II, Rek and I talked about doing something together in the spirit of a police impression.

We’ve worked with SOE_SWE (interviewed on the blog)previously and have been inspired by the aspect that airsoft/milsim/realsim/whatever you’d like to call it doesn’t have to revolve around the force on force, shoot first ask questions later idea. After years of this kind of play, we were intrigued by this new way to plan and execute missions.


We formed a secret group on Facebook and invited in a select few who we knew shared the same curiosity about the “polisim” genre. We started discussing gear, shared photos, and looked up what we could get and from where.

Everyone in the group was (and in most cases still is) a member of another milsim team in Norway. So SORT very much ended up being a side-project for most of us. Four of us were already working together in STAS (interviewed on the blog) prior to this!


SORT didn’t have a name until recently and the first time all members came together as a group (other than a Sunday skirmish) was this summer. We arranged a CT weekend at an undisclosed location in the middle of a city centre.


Henki: As for the name, it was probably the hardest thing to choose. No, but really – it required a brainstorming workshop, mixing words typically used within these types of real units.

For us it was important to keep it simple and recognisable for the international audience, but still make real sense; and preferably in Norwegian.


Early on we called the project “Grå-troppen/Grey Troop”, just to give a title to our closed group. For obvious reasons we couldn’t keep that name, as there’s a prolific Norwegian team with a very similar moniker.


What’s the background on the real Beredskapstroppen Delta?

Henki: It’s a special task-force within the Norwegian Police Service, formed in 1975/76. Its purpose is to conduct high-risk anti-terror and organised crime operations. Beredskapstroppen Delta (or just Delta) primarily provides assistance and tactical support to our capital city region (Oslo), but it’s also a national asset for all Norwegian police districts.

Reference pic slideshow:

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Joe: They are highly operative and rarely sit still. A lot of what they do doesn’t reach the media spotlight. There’s been an increase in gang-related crime in Oslo, where gang members have been in possession of weapons like the AK-47 and AG3. By patrolling the capital in uniform, with regular officers, they show their presence and might make criminals think twice about their actions.

Rek: Indeed – operatives use half of their time driving with ordinary police patrols. From the very beginning, it has been a goal to have a highly trained force, that still keeps close connection working on the streets with the public. In Oslo, depending on the level of threat, there are always two or more mobile units, manned with 2-4 Delta officers patrolling the streets. This gives Delta the time and resources to respond quickly if something should happen.

Henki: They also conduct international operations. An example of this is a multi-national police unit called Special Team Six – mandated by the United Nations. Here Beredskapstroppen Delta was executing high-risk arrests after the Kosovo war, in the late 90s.

They occasionally train with Norwegian Special Forces (NORSOC/FSK) and equivalent foreign units; and are – in addition to “standard” counter-terrorism – trained in maritime operations (e.g. to protect oil rigs), emergency first aid, demolition, marksmanship, escort and advanced driving.

Within a few years a new national readiness centre will be finished just outside Oslo, where it is planned to unite Beredskapstroppen Delta, the police bomb disposal squad, police helicopter service and other police units.

Joe: there are a couple interesting videos online – here – and on YouTube:

Any plans to join other impressionists and do a Special Team Six type thing?

Henki: Some of our member have good relations with SOE_SWE and have attended previous events with them. As such we hope to do some co-ops with our Swedish counterparts, further down the line.


Joe: I’d love to either organise or attend a polisim event! The police genre is spreading (or I might be late to the party and haven’t noticed before now), so give me a weekend with SOE, Nassau03, IG_Polsim, Xiphos – or whoever else out there is doing a serious native police team!

I have talked to some of those teams and some I’m just following on Instagram, but their content is impressive. If there are any other polisim teams out there, hit us up on IG – we’d love to share knowledge and gear-talk!


Are you keeping the same high kit standards as STAS?

Joe: Both yes and no. Since most of our guys are pretty dedicated, there’s a lot of real gear around. On the other hand SORT is – for the moment – a side project between members of existing teams.

We try not to take shortcuts even though SORT is not our primary focus, but might use repro stuff as placeholders until a good deal on a particular item comes around.

All that said, a lot of the gear our police use is not available in replica form, so we’re forced to get the real deal.


The uniform is not obtainable for civilians, as the police get it custom made. In the beginning we saw them as grey, but after more and more pictures surfaced we’ve determined they are green/grey.

We bought everything from Crye Precision RG uniforms to Arcteryx RG and UF Pro in brown/grey – testing them against the Manatee Grey of the FirstSpear AAC and the black N4 vests seen in images


We decided to make the UF Pro Striker XT Gen.2 (links to pants; shirt) our uniform, due to availability, cost, and because it’s not the “generic” combat uniform cut. Delta’s uniform is quite unique, and UF Pro’s uniform isn’t widely used in the xxxsim community, giving us the same “unique” look as our CT police has on the law enforcement scene.


Any specialisms within the team?

Joe: We have an EOD guy and a marksman – with a 16” C8 SFW…

Henki: A few of us also possess night vision which gives us night operations capabilites such as silent entry of buildings. This is an important feature we want to continue to work with, in order get the full potential out of it. Training under nightvision is key; all the things you take for granted in daylight – like basic depth perception – suddenly becomes rare and valuable!

Rek: We also have a drone on board, which gives us an aerial understanding of the environment. The Norwegian police recently obtained their first service drones as well, so it will be interesting to see how they use their UAVs.

Is there a generic kit list?

Joe: Delta uses a variety of kit, and we’ve made a basic list based on what we see more often than not on the troop in the media:

  • OpsCore lid, black
  • Comtac III, green
  • Wilcox L4G24 with our own resinmade NSEAS/Wilcox bridge mount replica
  • OpsCore counterweight
  • NFM N4 and FirstSpear Manatee Grey/Black AAC as the primary vest, with black soft armour vest underneath
  • Various NFM, FirstSpear and Safariland pouches and accessories
  • FirstSpear AGB belt in Manatee Grey/Black, with or without the AGB sleeve
  • UF Pro Striker XT Gen.2 combat uniform, brown/grey
  • Footwear that works best for each individual, in matt or dark colours


Tell me about the RIFs you’re using

Joe: We’ve settled on the Diemaco/Colt Canada C8 as our primary, but will also use the SCAR-H and MP5 when needed. To keep things as real as possible, and since we don’t expect to shoot very much, our weapons are mainly gas blow back.


The GHK M4 has proven to be one of the most realistic and reliable GBB guns out there. Being compatible with CO2 magazines or the popular Devil Hunter mod is a huge plus – given Norway’s low temperatures most of the year.

There’s one guy that we know that has access to some cool machines, who helps us to modify the generic M4 to a trustworthy C8 in appearance: shoutout to @arctos_custom for helping us!


These are the details he adds to our guns, to give them that differentiating Colt Canada look:

  • 45 degree chamfer behind the barrel nut, on the upper leading edge of the receiver’s picatinny flat top
  • Extra slot at the far end of the receiver’s picatinny flat top
  • Angled cutout over the charging handle
  • Makes and installs a replica of the sling plate
  • Cuts down the barrel to the correct length

Correct trademarks is a future goal.


Our typical setup for the C8 used by Delta is:

  • C8 CQB/SWF
  • Colt Canada CAR-15 style stock
  • Arctos Custom sling plate
  • ARMS #40 BUIS
  • Aimpoint CompM4; CompM2 w/B&T High Hount; T2; 3XMAG on TwistMount; Trijicon VCOG/RMR06
  • AN/PEQ-16B
  • Surefire X300U; M600U; X400U; Streamlight TLR-1/2 HL; Insight M3X LED; M6X
  • VTAC Mk I sling
  • Various issued or privately purchased vertical grips from Magpul, BCM, KAC

As for our pistols, it’s all about the HK P30, Sig Sauer P226 and P320. The P320 was recently chosen as the new handgun for Delta, and will in short time replace all P30 and P226s. Accessories are Safariland holsters, Surefire and Streamlight with/without laser – and one or two extra magazines.

Lastly, what are the team’s future plans?

Henki: A big advantage with our team is that most of our members live in the Oslo-region, which makes it easier to arrange meets and train on an occasional basis; and this was a strong reason to believe the project could take shape and be successful.

Joe: So, our first goal is to meet up more frequently and train together, to work effectively. We’ve done a lot of force on force and that kind of military simulation before, but we need to see things from a new perspective with this project.

I know Airsoft Adventures has been teasing a NARCOS III next year!


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