Great couple of pics from @btl_ltw (give them a follow if you don’t already) showing guys from USASOC’s 3rd Special Forces Group.

Yeah, these are URG-I uppers. But the main things here for me are the Proctor Heavy Duty (PHD) Slings.

This newer iteration differs from the Obi Wan Nairobi endorsed Proctor Way Of The Gun (WOTG) Sling in terms of its hardware, which eschews the plastic widgets for metal tri-glides; and replaces heat shrink with additional webbing.

Frank Proctor Heavy Duty Sling hardware
Frank Proctor Way Of The Gun Sling hardware

You can see the salient features in the pics:

These are really great, lightweight, silent, minimalist slings which are very much worth a go if you’ve not had a chance to try one out.

AFAIK, the PHD variant isn’t available in the U.K., but don’t forget that TacBelts makes their own version of the older WOTG. It’s what I’m using right now.

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