I may call it a ‘ghetto’ ambi charging handle latch, but now that Tackleberry is involved in my L119A2 build you know it wasn’t shortened using an angle grinder.

Following on from Part 5 in this slow-burn build series, Tackleberry sent these pics of the RS Colt Canada charging handle I sent to him for modification as he progresses my HAO L119A2 Systema PTW:

So, what is a ghetto modded charging handle latch and why is the process carried out?

Observed in the wild, its a Colt Canada ambi latch which has been modified by a UKSF armourer.

The L119A2 is equipped with a very distinctive latch which features – amongst other enhancements – an extended left side lever. This allows both additional leverage and optic clearance in operating the charging handle.

RS Colt Canada Ambi Charging Handle

While in many ways the latch is more ergonomic (including the leg at the back which allows the charging handle to be operated even with an overhanging magnified optic in situ), it’s also a snagging hazard. So, in some cases the extended left side lever is shortened to make it more high speed low drag.

Here’s a pic @jay_taranis mocked up a while back, to demonstrate what’s meant by the ghetto mod:

Now, in fairness I’ve not had an acute problem with the latch as it comes, aside from retrieving my gun after it’s been stowed on my back – while using a two point adjustable sling. However, I quite fancied a bit of customisation on my build – no two ghetto mods are the same, after all – and the mod seems pretty pervasive judging by UKSF pics we’ve seen so far.

Here are a couple of examples:

Nairobi, Kenya – January 2019
Newcastle, UK – December 2018

Because of the method I use to operate the latch, Tackleberry was able to go short and neat; I don’t need a huge amount of leverage on the left side. He did take a bit of persuading to do the mod in an authentic way, however, as he’s a perfectionist.

I’m really happy with how it looks and can’t wait to get the full build back.

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Obi Wan Nairobi patch from Platatac

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