Recently, I got hold of a Crye 330D double mag pouch. What I really wanted was the C2R FAST equivalent, from their old gen collection circa 2014.

I happened to mention this in the accompanying article and as luck would have it, it was read by a mate who was able to offer me three C2R doubles in mint condition and of the correct vintage.

This isn’t the first time I’ve owned C2R doubles. The first time was indeed in 2014 when they were obviously not referred to as old gen at all. They were sold by AM Tactical, where all my C2R gear has come from until now.

Old Gen

So, why refer to these pouches as old gen? Well, because they are representative of the generation prior to C2R’s use of laminate. While I do like laminate, I prefer this style of pouch in Cordura.

Design Notes

At first glance it’s easy to see where C2R took their inspiration. These pouches are very much in Crye’s style, with the iconic ‘draining tool’ shaped lid and webbing base.

However, the webbing base is a lot more extensive in C2R’s implementation and there are a number of other refinements as well.

As C2R is more of an ‘on demand’ manufacturer – or was back when these pouches were made – a likely scenario could have been that someone from Hereford (where C2R is based) fancied some of the same style of pouches CAG had been observed using.

These, perhaps, were the result.


Designed to hold two 556 mags, this C2R FAST pouch has a removable lid which allows three different configurations:

  1. Flapped
  2. Flap tucked behind mags
  3. Flap removed (with the capacity to use a bungee retainer if required)
L-R: 1. Flapped, 2. Flap tucked behind mags, 3. Flap removed
L-R: 1. Flapped, 2. Flap tucked behind mags, 3. Flap removed

The removable flap is length adjustable and secures at both ends with Velcro. It’s easily long enough to cover two Pmags, with or without Ranger Plates.

The flap contains a palpable index point – a piece of thick bungee which is held captive at the tip.

With flap removed the pouch pocket is easily deep enough to keep mags in situ – along with compression delivered by an elastic retainer. However, in addition to this the pocket mouth incorporates a loop tab. Through this, bungee can be fed for extra retention.

To do this you’ll need a bungee retainer like one of those supplied with Crye’s Smart Pouch Suite, which includes a velcro hook tab to secure to the loop on the face of the C2R pouch. Later C2R pouches came with their own version.

In the pic above, the bungee loop tab is at the rear of the pouch pocket mouth. The webbing band that can be seen inside is a structure which the flap is fed through when attached.

Another view of the bungee loop tab, with flap in situ.
Elastic retention and iconic C2R FAST brand tag.

The reverse of the pouch is equipped with a webbing PALS attachment system. Strap ends are stiffened for ease of threading and the assembly is simple to use and low bulk.

So that’s double mag pouches sorted. I now just need to source some old gen singles, or wait for C2R’s rumoured forthcoming run of them.

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