Words: Rich Norman

If you’ve not already noticed, C2R’s IG became active this weekend.

Give them a follow so you’re in at the start of the ride.

I’ve written about C2R in the blog on many occasions, and I’ve linked a couple of in-depth reviews below to demonstrate the company’s design and construction prowess.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to C2R in 2014, via the much missed Gray Fox private forum, by Mike P of AM Tactical.

Crucially for me, C2R is a British company and their products are used by UKSF. They are based in Hereford, U.K., which is also home to the daddy of all modern Tier 1 special forces, the SAS.

Significantly, after concentrating on overseas markets, C2R has moved to new premises and expanded its U.K. operation.

They’ve issued this mission statement:

As an agile and flexible company we are open to apply our design skills to fresh challenges you might have.

Our style is to drive projects fast; to get the product into service and to keep the lid on costs – we want more people to be kitted with our products.

If C2R is new to you and you like what you’ve read (to paraphrase they are the U.K.’s equivalent to Crye) then here are a couple of substantive reviews of previous products:

C2R-MOR UltraLite Plate Carrier

C2R Lite MOLLE Belt

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