Just to note that in September 2020, Obi Wan Nairobi went public on Instagram as Christian Craighead. Updates are included here with my original article.


Following on from my earlier article about the UKSF L119A2 in the Obi-Wan Nairobi Kenya pics, this is an assessment of the same trooper’s loadout. It will change as more information and better pics become available.


Crye Adaptive Vest System (AVS)

Crye Modular Riggers Belt (MRB)


More loadout pics were released via the Christian Craighead IG account:

The originally stated knife (since removed) was a best guess at the time of original publication.

It was confirmed in September 2020 that Obi Wan’s knife is a custom item from British artisan knife maker TG Knives.

Prior to the information appearing in Obi Wan/Christian Craighead‘s IG post above, Tom G from TG Knives got in touch with the blog to 100% confirm the connection. I’m really thankful to Tom for letting me know and I have to say having spoken to him, he is definitely one of the good guys.

Keep an eye on TG Knives Instagram as Tom will be opening his order books again soon.

We also learned in September 2020 that Obi Wan/Christian Craighead was carrying another knife – in his jeans.

He also confirmed his jeans as Armani, although those had already been ID’d in 2019 from the original pics.

We originally assessed that Obi Wan was wearing mids. However, thanks LaSportiva Boulder X low tops owner Neil P, we then knew that Obi Wan’s shoes were most likely the latter. Here are a few pics kindly provided by Neil, for comparison with reference pics:

Later on in September 2020, Obi Wan/Christian Craighead posted this; confirming shoes, shirt and other apparel brands:

Display of the original kit at Crye HQ:

Lastly, here’s an explanatory graphic from @mapleleaftactical

Plus some additional words from the Christian Craighead IG:

Shout outs are due to the following. Reptile House readers should be following all these guys for on point content, but if not give them a follow:

Neil P; Peter M; @theotherguy1999; @mapleleaftactical; @tim_isg; @jay_taranis; @perr_mike; @provenroute9195; @a_ter.ego; and last but not least, @tk8456_snr

Also, a huge, huge thanks to ComTac Systems – these Russian guys really know their stuff!

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