Back in June, HAO released its fully featured UKSF L119A2 Monolithic Kit for Systema PTW – a truly premium release, which is arguably the company’s most detailed product to date.

However, since then the company hasn’t taken its eye off price point diversification.

HAO’s MK16 rail was the first instalment in what the company calls its EcoLine. Not to be confused with the term ‘ecological’, Eco here is short for ‘economy’ – i.e. lower priced.

HAO has now turned its attention to the L119A2 and has produced a more price-conscious version of its lower receiver. This is available to purchase as a standalone 6061 item, as opposed to the 7075 ‘premium’ lower which is only available as part of HAO’s L119A2 Monolithic Kit.


While 6061 is a cheaper blend of aluminium than 7075 (and is easier to machine), it is still significantly stronger than the usual pot metal receivers we use as airsofters. Indeed, some higher end aftermarket airsoft receiver set manufacturers use 6061 as a matter of course.

Also note that whereas HAO’s premium L119A2 lowers exhibit individualised, sequential serial numbers, their economy lowers share one universal number. The trades are stamped in both iterations, however.

There are subtle differences with the markings overall, but the best way to differentiate between premium and economy lowers is the NSN on the right hand magwell. The premium lower is marked with an NSN ending 98 whereas the economy lower is marked 99.


Also of note, HAO has finally released its L119A2 receiver extension for Systema PTW as a standalone item:


It’s available here.

HAO’s EcoLine L119A2 Lower for Systema PTW is available here.

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