Since its debut in March 2019, HAO’s Economy Line replica of Geissele’s MK16 Super Modular Rail has been selling extremely well.

Why ‘Economy Line’? Well, the rail is a mere $100. Compare that to other MK16 replicas and it even undercuts Angry Gun’s offering at $115.

This month, HAO has released a replica of Geissele’s Super Gas Block and a choice of MK16 barrel nuts for GHK and MWS. That’s significant, as I think it shows HAO’s likely direction for diversification.

Back to the present and HAO has sent a sample of its MK16 rail and Super Modular Gas Block for perusal. The rail is a victim of HAO’s stringent quality control process, meaning that the company can’t sell it; but it remains impressive nonetheless.

I have to say that the company has really upped its tanodize game with this release, delivering a matt, dark champagne finish which – while I don’t have the RS to hand with which to compare – is certainly what USASOC URG-I replica builders expect to see.

For $100, it is a phenomenal product.

The barrel nut shipped with this particular MK16 is threaded for PTW and unlike the first release it’s grey, not bronze; grey being the correct colour. It’s also extremely light as it’s made of aluminium.

The gas block is cast steel and comes with the parts needed to fit it.

Lastly, I was surprised yesterday to see that HAO has deemed it necessary to issue guidance on fitting the MK16 rail.

Reading the advice, it seems that some customers are unaware that the rail – like 99% of HAO’s products – is 1:1 RS spec, so may require modding when used with platforms which aren’t to spec.

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