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Today HAO sent some exciting promotional pics of their imminent release – the L119A2 Monolithic Kit for Systema PTW.


It’s been a long, hard road to get to this point. I’ve been lucky enough to get an insight into the project via BismarckHAO‘s CEO – throughout the entire journey.

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This has given me a real appreciation of the trials and tribulations of such an undertaking.

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Bismarck freely admits that bringing the L119A2 Monolithic Kit to market has been the most difficult task the company has ever faced. That said, it’s also the most detailed kit they’ve ever released.

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It’s been approximately nine months since the beta release of the company’s innovative, monolithic L119A2 IUR (Integrated Upper Receiver).


In that time, HAO has:

  • Brought to market a comprehensive range of 1:1 replica Colt Canada parts
  • Produced a 1:1 replica of the correct Surefire flash hider
  • Refreshed its flagship monolithic IUR
  • Engineered two different L119A2 lower receivers from scratch

All this while releasing a number of separate replicas for alternative markets.


L119A2 Monolithic Kit

Main Features

  • 1:1 scale
  • For Systema PTW
  • Monolithic upper receiver
  • Exclusive lower, not available as a standalone purchase
  • Anodised 7075-T6 receiver set CNC processed from billet
  • Correct 10″ steel gundrilled outer barrel with engravings
  • Embossed forge and other markings on IUR
  • Stamped trades on lower
  • Individually laser etched serial number on upper
  • Individually engraved serial number on lower which mimics stamping
  • Laser etched NSN ending in 98 – as seen in the wild

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Bismarck tells me that going forward, customers will be able to assemble their own HAO L119A2 by purchasing parts as separates – as an alternative to purchasing the L119A2 Monolithic Kit.

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However, note that the kit represents a significant saving on acquiring the parts individually.

Also, the lower receiver included in the kit is a special model when compared to the lower which will be available in future as a standalone item.

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DSC_4104.jpgI’m told that HAO‘s L119A2 Monolithic Kit will be released very soon.

HAO has also produced a very special, limited edition IUR specifically orientated towards the Japanese market. The company will debut this model – codename Ghidorah – at mid-June’s Training Weapon Festival in Tokyo.


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