I can imagine a time when 99% of the legit A2 replicas in the world feature at least one HAO part – even if it’s just the charging handle latch.

Here’s another slew of lofi L119A2 part pics which have been leaked from HAO. These follow on directly from Part 6, earlier this week, in depicting the Colt Canada style L119A2 mag catch assembly.

I’m glad to see the new item is CNC’d, not cast. As usual, it’s 1:1 with the RS because it’s made for PTW. Obviously it will fit any other platforms which accept RS mag catches.

Note the 2C085 cage code and – perhaps more importantly – the iconic “1.”

This is a highly visible and definitive feature of this mag catch. It is arguably as important as any other marking on the A2.

The HAO still needs to be dyed, compared to the darker RS:

Many who own the RS Colt Canada mag catch will concede that it doesn’t like some types of replica mag.

This is because airsoft mags are often flat and angular at the business end. This is as opposed to the curved fairings which retain ammo up top on the RS. As such, replica mags often hit what feels like a brick wall when inserted in to the mag well. This is because of a sharp ledge on the mag catch.

To remedy this, HAO has chamfered the edge of their mag catch (highlighted). Also note the corresponding ledge on the RS:

Catch up on the full HAO IUR series here.

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