As simple as it is useful, the Coyote Tactical Solutions Burrito is a minimalist, discrete IFAK which is optimised for use with a duty belt – or any other belt up to 2″ wide.

It’s largely composed of a single piece of UltraCOMP laser cut laminate, which is the same material Blue Force Gear uses to construct its pouches – which many consider to be the gold standard.

Velcro is colour matched and the Burrito is opened using an ergonomic paracord loop, which has been gutted of its core.

The pouch exhibits laser cut PALS channels on its face. The interior is clean and a ziploc bag of the correct width is provided, within which supplies can be stored.

The Burrito can be worn in horizontal or vertical orientation. With a girth which is around the same width as a standard AR mag, it’s easily concealed and won’t imprint dramatically under a loose top.

One feature which has really impressed me is the bungee at the base of the unit. It’s shown below compete with a tourniquet (sold separately).

Rather than bundle the Burrito with two separate bungee loops, Coyote Tactical Solutions has gone with one. However, it’s threaded in such a way that it still delivers two loops when in situ.

The benefit of this is much faster setup, with only one adjustment to make – via a single cordloc.

Another feature I really like is that this is a pouch – not a roll-up which explodes outwards when the contents are retrieved, potentially spilling items.

Made in the USA, the Burrito was provided for this overview by Tactical Kit. I have another few Coyote Tactical Solutions IFAKs to look over, before they go back to the store. More on those soon.

Although Coyote Tactical Solutions OEMs for T.REX ARMS (my review of their Orion belt here), it’s the first time I’ve had hands on with their eponymous range and I am no less impressed.

Stitching is decent and reinforced in all the right places.

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