Just received some content from HAO, depicting what looks like another next level L119A2 component. This time it’s part of the mag catch assembly.

It’ll be a 1:1 clone of the RS, so will fit PTW and any other platform with a high degree of RS compatibility.

Glad to see it’s being CNC’d and not cast:

The finished product should look something like the pic below – and you can read more about genuine Colt Canada parts on the blog, here.

Notice the markings: 2C085 is Colt Canada’s Cage Code and the “1” is as seen on Canadian Forces’ rifles and – of course – those of UKSF.

Like the Colt Canada spec receiver extension nut, these are symbols which distinguish the Colt Canada item from similar products and will be essential to many.

In other news, HAO has today released its 216A replica. Shipping starts after Chinese New Year, aside from samples which have been sent to a select group of customers.