Last time I owned a Surefire FH556-216A replica, it was an FCC one.

It was a decent ‘squint test’ accessory, but on closer comparison with the RS I realised that there were some tiny issues. This is more than likely because it had been cloned from pictures – as opposed to the real thing.


Now, FCC’s replica drew upon the legacy version of the 216A for inspiration. It turns out that both the legacy version and a newer model of the 216A are in use with UKSF.

Pic shows the RS. Note the cross section of the modern hider’s tines – it follow that of the Surefire SOCOM hiders

HAO has replicated the newer version of the hider (see RS pic above). This is differentiated by features such as a revised logo, and tines which are of similar profile to Surefire’s existing SOCOM hiders.

The NSN, of course, remains the same.

Notice how fine the machine work is. The click-stop splines are numerous and precise.

On the RS, that’s to make sure the click-stop mech of the can is able to tighten adequately, to remove play between the can and hider (something which plagues replicas).

As usual with HAO products, the 216A is 1:1 scale and I’m glad to see that the company has offset the trades – just like the RS.

The hider is available to order on HAO’s website, but advance samples have gone out to all HAO L119A2 IUR owners free of charge – including me.

That’s pretty cool of them.

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Obi Wan Nairobi patch from Platatac

I wasn’t going to time my hider to 12 O’clock, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a UKSF one that’s been installed as per Surefire’s recommendation. However, my OCD took over and I used three of the shims provided: one fat and two thin, then a nip with a wrench.

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