Words: Rich Norman

Pics: HAO and Rich Norman

All buffer tubes are the same, right – just like the standard Colt?

Not if you’re Colt Canada and not, it seems, if you’re HAO producing an L119A2 lower kit for PTW.

HAO sent the following pic a few weeks back, but it was under embargo until now. HAO prototype left (or bottom), genuine Colt Canada item right (or top).

Many were impressed by the pic published this week of HAO’s L119A2 selector. It came as some surprise to me that the company is also going all the way with the buffer tube – based, that is, on the shortcuts they took with their recent limited edition CAG HK416D.

The latter has ambi selectors (when it shouldn’t have), an AR-style steel ejection port cover (which should be a RAL8000 plastic item for the period in question); and is bundled with an HK416A5 buffer, receiver sling plate and castle nut.

But, there’s a big difference between a mass appeal item like the CAG HK416D and a more specialist item like the L119A2.

It’s unlikely that many who aren’t already into UKSF will buy a replica L119A2, so that means it’s a scene-specific product by default.

On a global scale, the UKSF impression scene is relatively small but it has high standards. So any replica which has (de facto) been made specifically for it, will be under a hell of a lot more scrutiny.

Keen eyed reader will also spot a genuine Colt Canada receiver extension nut in the pic above, the implications of which now become pretty obvious.

I strongly suspect that when the full HAO L119A2 kit for PTW is released, it will be a turnkey solution – which bodes well for the other platforms which HAO is considering making an L119A2 for.

Back to the genuine Colt Canada item and the L119A2 receiver extension (to give it its proper name) is a six position stock tube which differs from the Colt USA model in a number of ways. I wrote a blog recently about genuine Colt Canada parts, which you can read fully here.

Notwithstanding, below are some pics which compare the genuine Colt Canada item to genuine Colt USA AR6721 and LMT receiver extensions:

When released, it will be good to compare the HAO replicas to the genuine items; although with the promise of a turnkey solution, I now question why I bothered buying the RS in the first place 🙂

Catch up on the HAO L119A2 IUR series here.

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