Words: Rich Norman

A couple of years back I published an article called Ambi Envy. Using a selected sample of in the wild pics, I advanced the notion that for an NSWDG clone blaster:

  1. It wasn’t wrong to use a Colt M4 fire selector
  2. It wasn’t wrong to eschew ambi fire selectors

I wrote that piece back in 2016 and I’ve not really kept up on DG pics since then, to see what’s changed. However, I did happen to look at the most modern public pics of individuals purported to be CAG. I’m no CAG expert, so it was very much about listening to the wisdom of others, mainly on the DEVTSIX forum.

From these pics I’d like to advance the hypotheses that for a modern tan CAG clone blaster:

  1. It isn’t wrong to use a black H&K fire selector
  2. It isn’t wrong to eschew ambi fire selectors

In the first pic, a black H&K fire selector is loud and clear. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I could find with a decent view of the left side of the gun. But, it is a really decent pic and shows a whole load of other details, too:

  • The trigger and trigger guard are the same colour as the receiver
  • The castle nut and receiver end plate appear to be bog standard items
  • The grip is the H&K V4

There’s a big question over the colour of the buffer, though. Is it silver or a very light tan?

One pic doesn’t demonstrate a trend, but it does satisfy hypothesis 1 (“It isn’t wrong to use a black H&K fire selector.”)

On to hypothesis 2 and we are on a much stronger footing.

In the next pic, it seems reasonable to suggest that there is a right-side fire selector, on the middle guy’s gun (set to safe):

Surely this doesn’t help my hypothesis?

My thinking is that, actually, it really does. If we expect a right-side selector to be that obvious, it’s absence should also be obvious, as these pics show:

Better quality helicopter pic:

The following pics show the absence even clearer:

What’s more, the absence is incontrovertible in this pic:

Like I said earlier, I’m no CAG expert and I’m sure someone out there has the definitive answer. However if I was to build a modern CAG blaster today, I’d go with just the one H&K selector.

Now, back to that annoying buffer.

Looking through the pics, most of the buffers look silver or grey. I had a look at pics on GGW and I wonder if both colours are in circulation? The tan is so light, it could be perceived as silver under the right conditions:

And don’t get me started on whether there are green blasters in circulation. I wouldn’t put it past H&K, who seem incapable of producing more than one batch of non-black guns in the same colour.

Tan looks better, though.

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