Words: John Danter

Pics: Alfred Encallado

People often ask for a definitive UKSF kit list, but it’s not that easy to be definitive – even if you’ve been researching it for years.

In the wild, different kit is worn for different missions and AO’s – not to mention the strong currents of personal preference which permeate UKSF loadouts. I thought about it and I decided the best way to articulate ‘a UKSF impression’ kit list is to run through some of the basic building blocks I use, adding a bit of detail for context.

It’ll hopefully serve as a primer for future UKSF fans who are looking to make a decent stab at an impression, but who lack a decent body of reference pics (like we all did when starting out). Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you can contact me here.

Where I’ve deviated from strict canon for reasons of functional personalisation (or ‘disco’ as Rich would say), it’s indicated. I’ve also added some useful alternatives, but not all.

I don’t normally agree with persec’d pics, but Rich insisted as he said I looked unhinged. Big thanks to Alfred for pics!

If you’re simply looking for tips on how to build a legit L119A2, I can save you some time as you’ll not find a better list than this:

The comprehensive L119A2 Parts and Accessories List

Kit List



  • Probably the most personal item on the list and as such there are multiple options (pictured are Lowa Zephyr Mid GTX); always best to ask around but remember: they are your feet, so use what’s most comfortable


  • Crye AC Combat Pants in Multicam are the most commonly seen, but is now discontinued (alternatives: G3, G4)
  • I’m using G3 knee pads although the earlier AC ones are way more gucci


  • Crye AC Combat Shirt in Multicam is most commonly seen, but is now discontinued (alternatives: G3, G4)
  • CAT TQ carried one left sleeve pocket (although I forgot to add one for the pics)

Plate Carrier

  • Crye AVS as seen in more recent pics (JPC still probably most common; JPC 2.0 is also in use, as well as C2R UltraLite series; CPC and various Airlite PCs now thought to be less common)
  • Crye AVS Detachable Flap M4 (often seen but multiple alternatives)
  • Crye Pack Zip on Panel 2.0 (again – multiple alternatives including other panels, slick, or with MOLLE pouches attached)



  • Crye and Blue Force Gear seem to be the mainstay of pouches used, with the balance nowadays more towards Crye than BFG; C2R is also used and lends a nice touch as it’s British made, in Hereford; Esstac is also popular; you’ll also see the odd Tyr, Platatac and Warrior Assault Systems pouches

Radio and PTT

  • PRC148 in a Crye JPC Wing Pouch (BFG MBITR pouches are frequently seen)
  • PTT here is a TEA U94 (although the Invisio V60 issued nowadays and is seen in more recent pics)


  • PIG FDT Alpha (various PIG gloves used and various other brands and models, too numerous to list)


  • Glock G19 with Surefire X300 and Crimson Trace Laser (although most pics show vanilla G19s with no disco stuff whatsoever)
  • The G19 should be a Gen 4, but using the Gen 3 here as it’s been reliable


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