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I’ve recently replaced my RMR red dot sight setup on my WE G19 pistol, with a Shield SMS Micro red dot on their own brand Polymer mount.

It’s essentially an older UKSF setup, but I’ve chosen to go this route for several reasons:

  • The SMS is British made
  • It’s of polymer construction so it is very light
  • This means your airsoft gas pistol has to move less weight than with the RMR
  • Subsequently, it’s more snappy when shooting
  • I find it is easier to acquire the target with the red dot

The latter reason is because the way the SMS is designed, you can see the front sight dot quite clearly through the lens (there is a sighting cut-out at the back of the low profile base of the SMS); and there is a lot less material around the lens to interfere with your sight picture.

Installation Guide

Here is a basic installation guide for the Shield SMS/RMS micro red dot sights onto a WE G19 (or G17 and 23, I imagine) with the Shield Polymer Mount.

First off, the mount seems plenty sturdy to me, given that it merely locates and stabilises the sight on the slide, while the sight itself is actually mounted to the Dovetail adapter. Quite clever!

On opening the box for the mount, you will find the following:

  • The mount plate
  • A small plastic bag containing two button head bolts
  • The Dovetail adaptor; and less obviously…
  • A 2.5mm Allen Key tucked into a cut in the foam

1. Remove the slide from your G19.

2. Turn it upside down and remove the Philips-head screw at the back that holds the back sight in place, and remove the back sight.

3. Mark the centre of the Dovetail adapter, preferably with a centre-punch, and then drill and tap it for an M3 metric thread.

4. Knock the Dovetail adapter into the Dovetail on the slide, from the side; it’s a very snug fit, so it will take a fair bit of force. Use a 4mm pin punch or a similar flat ended tool to drift the adapter in till it’s centralised.

5. Next you will need a 13mm or longer M3 countersunk bolt (I used a socket-head cap-screw for the job) which will usually come in 14 or 16mm lengths and will need to be cut, filed or ground to the right length (13mm). I chose the lazy option and screwed a 16mm bolt in from the bottom, securing both the Dovetail adapter and the slide’s internal components, and then used a flapper disc in my small angle grinder to grind the bolt flush.

6. Finally, position your SMS or RMS on the mount plate (it has 4 locating pegs on the corners), sit it over the slide, so you can see the two mounting holes in the Dovetail adapter, drop in the bolts and using a 2.5mm Allen key screw them in till secure.

7. No point fully tightening anything until everything is checked out and working. Re-install the slide, and zero your sight.


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