While I’ve not yet reviewed this impressive optic in the blog, I’ve had a number of people ask me where I sourced my Sig Romeo 4T.

It’s a model of UKSF optic which has achieved iconic status – featured as it is in the Obi-Wan Nairobi Kenya pics, atop what is arguably the most famous L119A2 in the world.

The Romeo 4T is not just a regular red dot because amongst a slew of novel features the user has the option of switching to circle-dot mode, which manifests a reticule much like that of an EOTech.

There are other red dots on the market which share this feature, but none has the distinction of being built to military standards and used by that lone Blade in Kenya.

But where to source these things?

Well, as I’ve been saying to those who’ve asked, J-TAC Custom will shortly receive their first consignment of the Sig Romeo 4T but not only that; they will also offer a complete range of real steel Obi-Wan Nairobi peripherals.

The range will include:

  • Sig Romeo 4T optics
  • Surefire RM45L M620 Scout Light mounts
  • LaRue RISRs

You can contact John Turrell of J-TAC for pricing, on the company’s Facebook page.

And, if you missed it, there’s a full breakdown of Obi-Wan Nairobi’s blaster on the blog.

His loadout is broken down, here.

You can read more about the UKSF L119A2 here.