Earlier in the week I signposted readers to an excellent UKSF photoset in the Newcastle Chronicle. I also published some initial observations on the L119A2s exhibited therein.

You can read the full blog here.

I’ve now had a chance to get a better look at the pics and have spotted some additional small but interesting details.

First, both L119A2s (lets call them #1 and #2) feature Aimpoint TwistMount Bases.

The thing which tipped me off to this was that one pic of L119A2 #2 shows a magnifier in situ (presumably an Aimpoint 3XMAG-1) and the other shows it absent.

From this we can perhaps infer the value of the TwistMount Base. Don’t need the magnifier? Twist it off.

It’s not easy to ID, but in this pic of L119A2 #1 you can see the TwistMount Base’s distinctive index nub:

And in this pic of L119A2 #2, you can see the TwistMount Base’s distinctive locking nut:

Another couple of Easter eggs I missed on first inspection were L119A2 #2’s QD sling swivel and Magpul AFG2:

Difficult to know which sling swivel is in use here, but according to those in the know a Colt Canada sling swivel ships with the L119A2 as part of its ecosystem.

Lastly, a correction.

In part one of this series I assessed that both L119A2s featured cut-down charging handle latches. However, this remains my assessment only for L119A2 #1:

I think L119A2 #2 has a full length charging handle latch:

Read part 1 of this series here.

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