At the beginning of November, I mentioned the Crye AVS Customisation Kit in a blog.

Because the kit is a bunch of fairly anonymous add-ons, it’s difficult to judge when it’s being used in the wild.

So, fully acknowledging the balance of probabilities, I was glad to see what I assess to be part of the kit in one of today’s excellent new UKSF pics.

Check out the chap in the Respro* cycling mask:

Zoom in on what appears to be an AVS triple mag flap (which has its flaps tucked into the pouches):

See the tan bungees and tabs?

For me, the give away is the oblong Velcro strip which retains the bungee.

If you look at Respro-guy’s triple flap, you can just about see an oblong structure attached to the Velcro face of each mag pouch; an oblong structure of the same pattern as the ‘1″ mag retention bungee/strap’ included in the AVS Customisation Kit.

Too geeky? I think not 🙂

*Thanks to keen cyclist Tactical Optician for the Respro tip-off. You can read his collected articles here.

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