Words and pics: Dan (@miniburford_1084)


Due to requests from a few people on how I painted my GHK L119A2, I’ve written this guide.

For demonstration purposes, I have used a piece of A4 paper and the remainder of my rattle cans.

Materials Used

  1. Halfords Camo Khaki, Green and Brown
  2. Two different branches/leaf clusters – one with small leaves and one with large leaves

Step 1

Base coat the rifle (paper in this case) with Khaki.

Make sure it is fully dry before moving to Step 2.

A hairdryer or similar heat source can be used to speed drying on cold or humid days. Another trick is to warm the cans prior to use in hot water. In summer, however, you should be good to go.

Step 2

Use the smaller sized leaf branch/cluster as a stencil and place it randomly over the rifle.

Spray a light stroke of green paint over the cluster and then reposition and repeat until your whole rifle is covered.

Make sure to leave some khaki showing through, to provide decent contrast. The idea is to break up the outline of the rifle to make it disruptive.

Step 3

Use the larger sized leaf branch/cluster as a stencil this time.

Position the leaves so that the gap between the leaves tapers down from the edges of your rifle. Spray with a light stroke of brown over the leaves; reposition and repeat.

The key is to make it look random and not uniform.

N.B. The spots of brown paint happen when the can is running out of paint. So be mindful of this, before the can starts spluttering.

Here is an example of this technique used on my rifle:

I hope this guide has been helpful and you get the results you desire. Remember to practice the technique first, so you are confident with it when it comes to painting your rifle.

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