Words and Pics: John Danter


Over the last few months, I’ve been playing around with configurations that I may use on my upcoming HAO L119A2 PTW. I used my A1 for this ergonomic exercise because my HAO A2 IUR has been undergoing modification, such as engraving work.

You can read about the previous incarnation of my A1 here.

With the A1, I was able to gauge which setup I preferred: AFG2 vs. VFG; dual Surefire switch vs. thumb and click button; Sig Romeo 4T vs. ACOG with Docter. There were other conundrums still. E.g., would the milled-out Original Ergo grip work on a PTW motor?

I quickly found that the A2’s monolithic picatinny interface offers a clear advantage. It allows peripheral placement combinations which are simply not possible on the A1 with its delta ring, FSP and much shorter 12 O’clock rail.

I’ll go through a couple of things which really jumped out at me, before explaining the incremental update to my A1 – after stripping the A2 items.

Sig Sauer Romeo 4T

I do like the heads-up shooting orientation of a red dot up high, atop an ACOG. It suits me and my long neck and comes into its own when using NVGs. The opfor will frequently have NVGs too, so I try to limit laser use as it also gives you away in woodland etc.

I tried the Sig Romeo 4T at a milsim recently, but took the ACOG as a back up. I was happy I didn’t need the latter.

The 4T form factor is more compact and much lighter than an ACOG, which can really be felt in the gun’s handling.

What’s more, the EOTech style circle dot reticle of the 4T facilitated snappy shots and worked great with NVGs when using the riser mount Sig bundles with the optic (the same one Obi Wan uses in the Nairobi set up).


Whilst I like the AFG, I realised that I really do like the ergonomics of a vert grip. So, I am in a quandary as to what I’ll eventually use on the upcoming A2.

For this reason and because it’s legit (see The Geardo Crow’s article) I have a BCM Gunfighter MOD3 Vertical Grip in FDE on the way.

Updates to A1

Ergonomic exercise over, it was time to strip the A1 of A2 furniture.

Meanwhile, I added an accurate replica fire selector by HAO – as seen on the later versions of the A1.

Note the Schmid Tool branding – exactly the same as the RS.

I also added an old gen Surefire KM2 IR/VIS head in tan ano; a tan ano click button to the rear of the light: a tan ano RM45 Surefire mount for the newer style Surefire bodies; and placed my existing Magpul RSA QD in the correct orientation on the 3 o’clock rail after being advised (ridiculed) by Rich for its previous location.

What’s Next?

One thing I really need to do is replace the ugly Colt style castle nut with HAO’s Colt Canada replica. The Colt style castle nut just shouts AR15 and spoils things a bit.

It’s all about the details, right?

I’m looking forward to continuing the ergonomic experiments with the HAO L119A2. Hopefully my early endeavours with the A1 will have saved me from teething troubles.

Parts List

  • Systema PTW w/OEM barrel finished to 10″
  • Prime Diemaco lower
  • Prime Colt upper – milled to Diemaco spec
  • UKSF-spec KAC RAS
  • Surefire M600
  • Surefire KM2 – old gen
  • Surefire RM45 mount
  • ACOG*
  • Docter
  • Angry Gun SOCOM 556 can*
  • Hogue grip
  • Magpul ASAP sling plate
  • Magpul RSA QD
  • Colt Canada stock
  • PEQ15*

*Denotes replica

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Obi Wan Nairobi patch from Platatac