Words and pics: John Danter


Getting this right has been a slow burner and there have been a number of occasions when I thought it was finished.

I was wrong.


It started life as a passible A1: perfectly engineered by Tackleberry for reliability, accuracy and consistency, but lacking in the geeky details of what is quite an intense UKSF-impression scene, here in the UK. As I learned more, I added those details when I could.

The foundation was a Prime L119A1 lower and Prime Colt upper, USSOCOM-spec KAC RAS etc., but now it has everything on my to do list, down to the correct UKSF-spec KAC RAS, milled upper, correct RAS end cap – all the little things I’ve coveted.


This is now an A1 with a modern twist.

I almost added my FDE CTR but I’m keeping that for another PTW build. The Hogue grip has been seen on the A1 and I like it. The dual switch needed to be in a place that allows comfort and ease of use of the Surefire torch and PEQ.


With the previous KAC vert grip, I used the end cap and a pressure pad taped in. The dual switch is a novelty. Getting used to it and the AFG2 now gets things ready for my next project; so then I’ll go back to the KAC vert grip on this A1.


I’ve sprayed this gun many times in the past and whilst the weather has been nice, I decided to dispense with the recent disco, intricate masked paint job and just go for a quick slap dash spray job.


So I looked at old A1 reference pics and picked a simple colourway. Those who’ve seen the old A1 pics with the dropped in Magpul BAD lever will know what I’m going for here.


I cleaned off the old paint with petrol and a microfibre cloth and also made sure I cleaned out the trades with a needle. They’d become quite clogged and I wanted them to look sharp again, under the paint.

Had a quick conflab with Rich at The Reptile House and decided on green base, brown stripes and tan smudges. Simple.


I’ve deliberately kept the paint light so as to accentuate the trades and I think it’s worked quite well.


So what’s next?

An accurate flash hider that fits an accurate can. I never take the (adequate) Angry Gun can off, so this is fine for now. I’ve milled the hider that Angry Gun supplies to create the ‘step’ of the correct can and it passes at a distance.

I am tempted to do Jay Taranis‘ washer mod, but as I said, the can never comes off.


Parts list:

  • Tackleberried PTW
  • Prime Diemaco lower
  • Prime Colt upper – milled to Diemaco spec
  • UKSF-spec KAC RAS
  • Magpul AFG2
  • Surefire SR07
  • Systema OEM outer barrel, finished to 10″
  • Angry Gun SOCOM 556 can*
  • TacBelts UK Can Cosy (heat mitigation shroud replica)*
  • Hogue grip
  • Magpul ASAP sling plate
  • PEQ15*
  • Mini Docter
  • ACOG TA01*
  • ACOG mount*
  • Surefire Scout with KM2 head new style
  • Garmin 301
  • Orga inner and hop
  • Z-Shot Pmags

*Denotes replica

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