That iconic “1.”

Instantly recognisable to those who know their way around reference pics of the L119A2 – and a definitive detail.

HAO’s Colt Canada marked L119A2 Ambi Mag Catch is RS spec and ostensibly for use with the Systema PTW.

However, HAO has included a feature not present in the RS, which implies wider compatibility. The magic comes from a grub screw. This allows the user to customise the protrusion of the catch into the mag well.

Pretty cool stuff.



GHK M4-based L119A2 guru Andy J commented that this feature may allow HAO’s mag catch to work with the GHK. @TheOtherGuy1999 has confirmed this is so – just use the GHK release button and spring:

Tokyo Marui NGRS

Similarly, it’s been confirmed to work with the TM Recoil, by Steve G:


It’s a drop in fit and users just need to adjust the grub screw with a 1mm allen key.

Tokyo Marui MWS

Rich H also let me know that with a bit of modification the catch also fits the Marui MWS:

The key here is inserting a spacer on the left hand side, to move the catch further away from the receiver – otherwise it sits too proud in the magwell.

Big thanks to those guys for trying it out and letting me know!

As well as the iconic Colt Canada “1.”, the catch is marked with company’s cage code – 2C085.

You’ll never see this inscription with the catch in situ, but it’s a detail of the RS which HAO has replicated anyway.

I think that’s almost it for the suite of products meant to support the release of HAO’s L119A2 Full Kit.

Now just the buffer tube to go, and lower trades and other markings to be tweaked.

I feel the release will be very soon…

Catch up on the full HAO L119A2 IUR series here.

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