Spotted an interesting 3D line model on Tokyo Move’s IG, depicting the new Systema PTW Type 89.

The Howa Type 89 is a Japanese assault rifle and Systema’s version was announced last year, IIRC.

Because the company’s production has turned to the Type 89, dealers were told at the time that production of parts which weren’t common between it and the M4 PTW would be paused, in order to give the Type 89 the big push.

I’m sure this new PTW will be popular in Japan – which I’d guess is the single biggest airsoft market in the world. Outside Japan? Maybe not.

Tokyo Move is an interesting shop, because it just sells PTWs. In its bricks and mortar retail outlet, the walls are stacked with pre-built custom PTWs.

Note the HAO A5:

Pretty cool.

Edit 22/04/19

Miguel from HAO spotted this pic of the Systema Type 89’s receiver on Tokyo Move’s Facebook page:

Really quite a different proposition to Systema’s M4 PTW and TW5, because the page seems to suggest it’s 301 stainless steel. Look at that weld!

Release date is June 2019 – in time for the Training Weapon Festival in Japan.