For your amusement I present four mag catches, commonly used on RS and airsoft L119A2 clone builds:

  1. Colt Canada – the real deal, based on the original Norgon USA patented ambi
  2. True North Arms – an RS ambi clone sold by the Canadian retailer of the same name
  3. G&P – cheap and cheerful TM spec ambi clone
  4. HAO – high end RS and PTW spec clone of the Colt Canada; this one is a beta sample

The question is, which is which?

Not easy, is it?

Before posting the blog, I asked Jay Taranis his thoughts and the bugger only got it 100% correct! I was curious as to how he made his choices and I have to say his logic was entirely robust – so it wasn’t just a lucky guess.

Have you made you choices? Does the next pic confirm your decision or change your mind?

All of the ambi catches are in the same position they were in the initial pic.

Here’s a clue – this is the Colt Canada:

Ready to mark your answers?











Here you go:

The biggest surprise is the G&P mag catch – which appears to be cast. It’s a cool grey colour which isn’t far off some of the lighter coloured Colt Canada ambi mag catches. It doesn’t include any trades but for £10-15 it’s a bargain,

The next best in terms of quality is the True North Arms item. Although it doesn’t feature the Colt Canada trades (such as the “1.” and “2C085” cage code), it’s highly competent in execution. It appears to be CNC’d.

Second best in terms of quality – and a direct clone of the Colt Canada item – is the HAO. The one featured here is a beta sample, but I’ll do a short review when I receive the production version. Because HAO is a CNC company, their catch is sharply turned out compared to the softer lines of the RS (which is presumably forged) and it’s one of the giveaways that Jay spotted.

Still, with full trades and 1:1 reproduction it’s a close as it gets.

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Obi Wan Nairobi patch from Platatac