Words: Rich Norman

If you’re looking for a real steel Colt Canada-style ambi mag catch to adorn your L119A2 build, there are some fantastic options open to you.

Your eventual choice may depend on where you live and how much you want to pay, however.

Top of the list would be the correct Colt Canada item. The following pics are from Nordic Marksman with a tiny bit of processing to bring out the details:

You can see the 2C085 trades and you know that because it’s Colt Canada, it will be of the highest quality. Also note the aggressive grip pattern on the catch face.

So why wouldn’t you buy it?

Well, it’s expensive. Also, if you don’t live in Canada it’s not so easy to source.

I’d say the next best option would be the previously patented Norgon ambi mag catch. This is the daddy – the catch which ambis of this style are based on.

So why wouldn’t you buy it?

While it’s a great price in the US and Canada, it’s really expensive in the UK. It was on my list and I may have bought one if I managed to catch it in stock at Brownells UK.

There is, however, an impressive RS offering which not only looks the part, but is easily available and – crucially – highly affordable: the True North Arms Ambi Mag Catch.

It’s very close to the Colt Canada item I am seeking to simulate, as can be seen in this comparison pic that I’ve mocked up for the reader’s viewing pleasure:

The biggest giveaway once mounted is that the grip pattern on the replica item isn’t as deep as the Colt Canada model.

But, face on I think it passes the all important squint test (please excuse the heretical rifle – we all have to start somewhere):

Here I’m using a Prime PTW lower. For me, the fit is absolutely perfect. It’s like the catch and lower were made for each other – with no sticking and perfect function.

So what’s the downside?

Not an experience I’ve had with the two I bought, but it’s been said that the price of the catch is reflected in tolerances from one unit to another. A source informs me that the catches can be on the larger side, so may stick upon initial use.

So, maybe a light touch with wet or dry will be required to personalise one of these catches to your blaster.

As for the catches I have – I think they were a great find.

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