Following on from Part 1 in this series, “Shrink to Fit“, I thought I’d look at how the Crye Precision G4 Combat Pants fit in real life.

Many of Crye’s promotional images show the pants as skinny fit:

I have the idea that they may have chosen a waif-like model, so as to differentiate the G4 from past generations and accentuate the slimmer cut.

For me, with my dad bod, 36R G4s fit a lot like modern trekking trousers – as can be seen below. For reference I also take 36R in AC and G3 Combat Pants and I compared measurements in the earlier blog.

Granted, the fit of the pants will be highly personal. I’ve tightened the waist adjusters over half way, which probably means that my waist is at the lower end of the size span; this will afford extra room. I am also wearing my G4s a bit lower than depicted in promotional pics as I find this more comfortable.

However, how loose the pants are really isn’t the issue people need to get their heads around. Or, to put it another way, the thing which allows the pants to be slimmer isn’t something which has ever been part of any previous Crye combat generation.

It’s the stretch.

The stretch absolutely changed everything I thought I knew about Crye Combat Pants.

I’ll be doing something a bit more forensic on all of the pants’ features soon.

In the pics below, I’ve fastened the Velcro straps behind the knee pads to keep the knee pads in the correct position.

Big thanks to @milsimminded for processing the header pic.

I suspect that the big shift in the adoption of G4 Combat Pants will come not because of the great strides (excuse pun) Crye has made with its design, but indirectly.

As soon as it becomes apparent from reference pics that more and more cool guys in the wild are rocking these things, the gear community will be compelled to follow.

And they won’t be making a bad decision – they are already demonstrably in use with UKSF:


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At time of writing, Tactical Kit were expecting G4 Combat Pants and knee pads – here.