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It’s only recently that I blogged about UKSF’s new IUR L119A2 upper, but it looks like CANSOF has been rocking it for some time.

In these pics, the front end looks really close to a relatively inexpensive tube rail from Yankee Hill Machine (YHM).

 photo tumblr_ncu9xvj6WD1rhrguuo2_1280_zpseqnzja7u.jpg

You can see the upper marked ‘IUR’, here:

 photo 35cbb8dd-de72-472f-bb27-699524fefbcb_zpsrj2kmrrm.jpg

I really love this build and it me wonder about the whole SOF playing together, cross-pollination of ideas thing.

I reckon it’s more pervasive than I thought.

Big thanks to Thomas (@hazeldine on IG) for providing the pic which inspired this blog and for linking me up to ShadowTwoSix/Darren Sutherland’s Airsoft Canada thread, where this set of Larry Vicker’s CANSOF C8 pics were posted a few years back.

It’s worth skimming the thread, as there’s some good intel in there.

I’d also recommend you check out this CANSOF group on Facebook.

Incidentally, Thomas posted the pic which piqued my interest on Facebook’s mighty L1119 Owner’s Club, which is always worth a look.