1. HAO Colt Canada UKSF L119A2 Replica Ambi Selectors

Along with my UKSF FH556-216A replica, HAO was kind enough to send a sample of their forthcoming UKSF L119A2 ambi selector set.

These have been replicated from the Colt Canada originals and repurposed for use with the Systema PTW.

Although the levers have been CNC’d, HAO tells me that they processed them in such a way so as to look a bit rough around the edges – like the RS.

2. HAO Tokyo Marui NGRS L119A2

There was some bad news however.

Readers may have heard recently that HAO will NOT make an L119A2 kit for TM NGRS.

When I heard about this, I asked Bismarck – the top man in the company who is in charge of strategy – for comment.

He robustly confirmed that a HAO TM NGRS L119A2 will not be made.

Catch up on the full HAO L119A2 IUR series here.

For more on the L119A2, check out my article here.

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