HAO sent some pics of their new 216A replica today:


They’ve replicated the newer version of the hider, which features differences such as a revised logo; and tines which are of similar profile to the existing SOCOM hiders.

The NSN, of course, remains the same.

Here’s an example of the RS:

Notice how fine the machine work is on the RS? The click-stop splines are numerous and precise:


That’s to make sure the click-stop mech of the can is able to tighten adequately, to remove play between the can and hider (something which plagues replicas).

I’m told the click-stop splines aren’t easy to replicate, but HAO has done it by investing in new machinery:


The process by which the splines are made is called ‘gear skiving’:

HAO’s 216A will be available in 14mm CCW and 1/2-28 RH. It is likely to be on general release shortly after Chinese New Year with an RRP of USD $45. It’s composed of steel.

As usual with HAO, it’s 1:1 scale and I’m glad to see that the company has offset the trades – just like the RS.

And no, I don’t know if any existing replica cans will fit. Something for the community to explore.

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