Words: Rich Norman

Pic: @apostle_tactical

The L119A1 is still going strong, seen here with a modern accessory package:

Some call it “L119A1.5” – an unofficial designation, bridging the gap between A1 and L119A2.

Much like “Block 1.5” is to Block I and Block II amongst USSOF clone correct builders, the term signifies transition; the use of modern items, which would be anachronistic to an earlier era of A1.

The pic is from Apostle Tactical’s IG which is well worth a follow if you’re into the UKSF side of things. Thanks to Jay Taranis for bringing the pic to my attention.

Here’s my breakdown:

This isn’t the first time an L119A1 has been seen with that model of Lancer Mag Well, a MOE stock, T2 and ASAP – which perhaps points to a unit purchase.

Indeed, it could very well be that the parts highlighted here are those of a unified A1 modernisation package.

SAS and SBS L119A1s were going the same way, prior to the L119A2 – which rolled up a lot of the newer A1 additions into a standard, issued package; including the sling, trigger guard and rear sling point as seen here.

Go follow Apostle Tactical for more gems.

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